Frequently Asked

What is a Reference? Why do you need to verify me? When I request you to provide me with a reference I am asking for the email/website of an independent companion you've seen before so she can confirm for me that she has met with you and you were indeed a gentleman: respectful and kind. Every careful and discerning courtesan does this and we have no problem helping eachother out. If it's your first time doing this or haven't met with anyone in quite a few years, I can instead verify you by your employment details. I need to verify you because if I don't, I won't be comfortable enough to meet you.
Where do you advertise? I like to maintain a low profile and I am very low volume. I currently advertise on EROS, Preferred 411, TER, & Date-Check. These are the only ads I monitor. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to control exactly how my photos, written content, and contact details are used by others. As a result I am listed on sites even though I haven't taken it upon myself to create a profile.
Do you answer all of your emails yourself? Ever worked for an agency? No, I have never worked for an agency. I am a completely independent companion so you can expect to correspond with me directly.
Why must your face be blurred in your photos? Images are blurred or cropped because to show my face would be terribly unwise! I am not exactly open about this in my personal life and I have many aspirations for myself, so I'm protective of my privacy.
Do you have any reviews on TER? Yes, I have a few reviews on The Erotic Review. My ID is 164738. Important to remember when reading reviews: personal chemistry is everything! Also, there are 2 general scores ladies are rated on, one for appearance and the other for performance. My performance scores do not exceed a 9/10 and that is because, if I understand their scaling system correctly, there are specific "activities" which must be mentioned that permit a reviewer to give a 10/10 performance score.
I sent a request but never heard back from you. How come? Perhaps you haven't introduced yourself, or ignored my request for either References, Screening service handles, or Employment details. Or perhaps I'm ignoring you because you've crudely mentioned acronyms, or requested I send you a photo of my face. (The truth is you're more likely to be struck by lightning than sent a picture of my face.) Now, if your request was indeed filled out correctly, it's been more than 2 days and you've still yet to recieve a response, please don't hesitate to try contacting me again.